About YES!

Hi there! It’s good to see you at YES2020, the Year End Show featuring the final projects of students on design course around the UK.

It’s been a difficult year so far, having to stay away from uni, little or no access to workshops and facilities, lectures online and a lack of social interaction which allows for that all important feedback on your projects. But perhaps the most unfortunate aspect of the lockdown is that design graduates have not been able to exhibit at shows their final year projects to their peers, the public and most importantly potential employers!

Displaying and communicating final year projects to a variety of audiences is an integral aspect of a design students learning experience preparing them for the presentations they will go on to make in their career.

Whilst some design courses have been able to offer online showcases for their students, not all have or are able to. The Chartered Society of Designers is committed to supporting designers ‘From Learning to Earning’ ™ and therefore worked with Redwire Design to set up YES! 2020 an online platform for ALL design courses in the UK and ALL design graduates to ensure they can showcase their final year projects.

Design courses can register their course for a space on YES! 2020 and design graduates can register and showcase their final year projects totally FREE.

YES benefits:

  • Universities with a space in which they can set out details about their courses
  • Potential students who can request a prospectus from any course
  • Courses which can show the work of their students to a wider geographical audience
  • Students wishing to progress their studies to postgraduate level
  • Tutors in observing trends
  • Careers advisors who can research study destinations
  • Graduates who can showcase their final projects, provide contact details and links to their various platforms
  • Potential employers offering jobs or placements who can search by various criteria including location and discipline
  • Employers nationally and internationally who are able to view the work of graduates other than those in their immediate locality
  • Those who can now view more shows over a longer period
  • The design profession in bringing design stakeholders together
  • The design sector in collecting and collating destination data
  • The UK economy by facilitating employment and innovation

We are grateful to Innovate UK for recognising the importance of this project and awarding funding for it to go ahead, just one of 800 awards from over 8,600 applications.

Enjoy the show! Enjoy YES! 2020