Mengxi Ma

Interior Design - BA (Hons) Interior Design

Mengxi Ma

Nowadays there are many people who withdraw from society and seek extreme degrees of isolation and confinement. They generally begin to feel tired under the pressure of society and family. They sometime could be oppressed by survival, may be engulfed in the long-standing pressure and negative emotions surrounding. It may be difficult for them to find their sense of belonging in society and their personal identity. The most critical reason is the lack of communication, especially young people in college.

I would explore how new forms of community can gather people to redirect their self identity, maximize the exchange of student with culture, and reduce the feeling of oppression in both physically and psychologically. Through the establishment of new model community at Kings Cross at London, I try to re-connect students communication with society, business, industry and brand in a new hypotaxis to let young people as a culture producer in the community. The process from resource sharing to cultural exchange requires everyone to participate in it, which means not just students, everyone should become a cultural producer. In this method, perhaps in the future, cultural communities and neighborhoods might integrate more diverse values and become more colorful.

To demonstrate awareness of the historical development of interior design and architectural theories during the 20th and 21st centuries:

1. To apply Corbusier’s architecture key elements ( body 􏰃define spatial functions􏰄 / surface 􏰃define material􏰄 / plane 􏰃define spatial density􏰄.)
2. To apply 􏰅Josef Muiler’s concept: 􏰂 Cube Guide System in both plane and space / create a uniform design language in space.
3. Criticizing traditional academic education, the Cube community as an extension of the traditional education system makes up for its deficiencies. 􏰃(Theoretical education in college + Practical education in cube community = New possibility of young people as culture producer􏰄).
4. re-connect of people / re-direct student identity / re-find sense of security in society / return to face-to-face communication.

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