Keberra Crawford

Keberra Crawford

Clumber parks vacant plot of land where the dismantled house once stood, held stories, lives and emotions and has nothing but the ever changing nature around it to tell its silent story. The brief for this project is to create an artist in residence that will focus on storing and viewing the artwork. Currently there is a lack of awareness for time within the millennial generation and a space that brings the awareness of time, labour and patience will produce a respect for the continuation of the park.

This project will be respected not because it its owned by the National Trust which openly tells visitors about how important it is, but because the space features artwork that cannot be seen or appreciated until the building allows it to. The artwork will lay dormant and could possibly outlive the artist, making what lies in a drawer, inimitable.The artwork is stored downstairs until 50 years has lapsed from the first artist. Having 50 years where the artwork isn’t revealed gives the public a chance to appreciate the time and effort it takes to produce a legacy, much like the artifacts importance comes solely from it being unseen for so long.

Ground Floor Plan

Basement Floor Plan

Section AA


Archive Room

Studio is opened to the public after 50 year period

Studio | Pottery Room

Residence | Bedroom

Artist Residence within Clumber Park

Site Plan of Clumber Park