Hannah Morley

Hannah Morley: The Healing Centre

The Healing Centre is a sensory healing space designed around 'healing' the mind and bodies of intensive care unit families and patients at the Northern General Hospital. The centre includes: a social cafe space, accommodation for families who are not from the area, activity classes such as art and music therapy, a sensory break out space and a healing outdoor garden.

Bedroom Freestyle Visual: A visual inside the accommodation looking out over the healing garden, bringing nature inside.

Ensuite Freestyle Visual: A visual inside the bathroom of the accommodation. Includes a walking shower and bath.

Stair Freestyle Visual: A visual of the open cantilever, flowing, concrete staircase with a cedar wood upside handrail securing with cables to each step.

Proposed Ground Floor Plan

Proposed First Floor Plan

Proposed Second Floor Plan

Pivot Door Technical Drawing Elevations and Sections

Pivot Door Technical Drawing Plans

Cantilever Flowing Staircase Technical Drawing

3 Visuals:
The Existing Site
The Existing CAD Model
The Proposed Outcome