Alex Lewis

Product Design - BA (Hons) Product Design

Saguaro 45L Powered Water Tank

Dust presents a significant health hazard to construction workers. Inhaling mineral dusts over the course of a career often leads to chronic and fatal respiratory disease, but because no immediate effects are felt the risk is very easy to overlook. This, coupled with the common view that existing dust control equipment is "more hassle than it's worth", has lead to a culture of negligence among workers.

Saguaro 45L is a battery-powered water tank that minimises required input in order to intrude less on the user's workflow. The aim of this is to foster more positive attitudes towards safety legislation.

The tank outputs a regulated flow of 1L/min for up to 5.5hrs with its 2 rechargeable NiMH batteries. It is compatible with a range of tools: various concrete saws with its 3m hose; and tools such as breakers and scabblers with its proprietary spray wand. This can be mounted to the side of the tank to operate ‘autonomously’. Its outlet nozzles are ruggedised, quick to replace when clogged and easy to disassemble for cleaning when necessary. Considerations have been made for the unit’s weight in the shape of the frame and its handles, and the reliability of its electronic parts in a rough outdoor environment.